Our 6 week course is centered around developing the 5 C's of DEI leadership...

We believe that all leaders committed to DEI (diversity, equity, and inclusion) have the capacity to spark and sustain impactful change–with the right conditions. We also believe that engaging in critical reflection and intentional action is essential, and it helps to have tools grounded in adaptive leadership practices, neuroscience, and racial equity. And, leading during these times requires particular mindsets, habits, approaches, and support-systems. 


So, we are bringing our signature online leadership program to clients and communities we’ve served, creating a customized experience for ten leaders (in each cohort) to have the opportunity to take their DEI leadership to the next level.


If you…

  • Are a leader committed to DEI (diversity, equity, and inclusion)
  • Want to get better at navigating conflict and change
  • Want to feel more confident and comfortable facilitating/having complex conversations about DEI
  • Want to be more clear and articulate when it comes to aligning how your values/mission align with your DEI priorities 


…then our 6 week signature program may be a great fit for you.  The first 2021 cohort starts on July 5th!


In the program, we have a 2-hour group Zoom call once a week (from 3:00-5:00 CST / 4:00-6:00pm EST on Mondays) and set intentional DEI leadership growth goals around the 5 C’s. We also deepen our understanding of unconscious biases and the S.P.A.R.K. framework, which allows people to see the layers of complexity in strengthening DEI leadership habits. We set goals around the “5 C’s of Inclusive Leadership”, and develop discrete skills grounded in change-management, inclusive communication strategies, community facilitation, conflict-management, and clarity (aligning around DEI goals, priorities, etc), because these skillsets are critical for leaders committed to DEI. Lastly we reflect on what it means to show up with systemic awareness and intentional action–ALL in service of having maximal impact in our community. 


Leaders in our signature program walk away with: 

  • their DEI Leadership philosophy, values, mission, & vision articulated and shared
  • their S.P.A.RK. self-assessment done with discrete and personalized goals defined
  • their 6-month priority plan with monthly & quarterly goals outlined
  • an intentional plan for high-stakes conversations
  • raised awareness of their blindspots and biases
  • raised awareness of the stage of their team’s development
  • clarity on the communication patterns needing to be interrupted
  • their inclusive-community-building toolkit filled up, with a DEI lens
  • and more!


Leaders who are accepted into the program will kick-off their learning journey with a deep-dive 1:1 coaching call with Rachel V Rosen to strategize the first week of the course. This signature online course designed for leaders with busy schedules (who don’t live in Austin), so they can work/engage/lead at their own pace with relevant content and a community of support. 




Rachel is a seasoned facilitator, leadership coach, and speaker.

As an Inclusion Strategist and Executive Coach, she and her team partner with leaders committed to strengthening DEI leadership competencies. With a Masters from Stanford, a background in education, leadership development, and racial justice, Rachel helps leaders SPARK and sustain impactful change, igniting inclusive shifts in their teams.

Learn more at Rachel’s other websites: rachelvrosen.com | spark4community.com


“I feel more confident now. I have become SO much of a better listener. I also feel like an overall stronger communicator. I’m really glad I did the program with my Principal too, because we have a shared language now.” – Amber Sfaberton, Assistant Principal

“In the program, my DEI priorities & intentions shifted significantly. I had to step up to be a leader and TAKE ACTION.” – Rachel Wyley, Executive Director

What’s the investment for our 6-week DEI leadership development program?

$497 if you enroll before 3/23

Otherwise the program cost is $997 starting on June 8th.  


If you are interested in discussing other cohort dates or customized program opportunities, click the button below.